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Cosmetic Dentist

Dr.Naser Saleh

Dr. Naser Saleh, BDS, graduated from Bangalore University, has an experience of more than 18 years in Bahrain. He has accreditation in implantology and cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood smile design) from British Academy of implant and restorative dentistry. He is experienced in handling all types of Root Canal Treatment, surgical procedures, dentures and pediatrics with excellent skills. Dr. Naser has a simple philosophy, which is to treat every patient with compassion, professionalism, and gentle touch. He is committed to providing comprehensive, quality dental care while making sure, all his patients are informed and comfortable with their treatment plan. He is attentive to details, has an innate sense of aesthetic and artistry that he brings to each procedure. He is also attending and participating in conferences and exhibitions worldwide.

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Plastic Surgoen

Dr.Rajesh Gawai

Dr. Rajesh Gawai is a true pioneer of cosmetic plastic surgery amongst his peers of this generation of plastic and aesthetic surgeons in India. After completing his training in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery, he went abroad to gain further expertise in the evolving and developing field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He delved into the yet to be discovered sub-specialty of Aesthetic Plastic surgery in the late 1990’s when it was known to a select few in the country and practiced by far and few. Thus he sought to engage himself in further learning and training with masters in the fields in those days and these travels took him far and wide.It is only right that he is acknowledged as the pioneer, the very first, to bring awareness of aesthetic plastic surgery to the common man of the country, as he was the first to initiate a print presence in the dailies and tabloids of his time. This gave impetus to others to follow suit and the market today is abound with his methodology.For over a decade, he learnt and worked at outstanding and celebrated international Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery centres in Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Muscat, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Jameela Bahman

Dr. Jameela Bahman is a well-regarded Cosmetic Physician with a loyal patient following in Bahrain. She received MBBS degree from Kasturba Medical University and she has more than 20 years’ experience with master in hospital management from U.S.A. Her special interests are creating Beauty Plans including multiple modes of cosmetic enhancement including lasers and specialist skin care, she is known for her passion in Natural Aesthetics and utilization of Holistic health practices to target skin health and general anti-ageing. Affiliated with numerous organizations, she is an active member of the European society for laser (ESLD, Italy, France and Switzerland) & American board of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Jameela has keen aesthetic judgment and technical skill to ensure that the choice of procedures and their performance are optimized for each patient. With experience in gynecology and emergency medicine, she has license in BLS / ACLS from U.S.A. She is also attending and participating as speaker in worldwide conferences. She is an active member (MedFest Dr) of Special Olympic in Bahrain and U.S.A.

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General Dentist

Dr.Yosra Zuhair

Dr. Yosra Zuhair, BDS, graduated from Misr university for science and technology (MUST). She has accreditation in cosmetic dentistry. She is experienced in handling all types of dental treatments and pediatric dentistry with excellent skills. She believes, the responsibility of a dentist is to educate and guide patients, so that they can make their own decisions in oral health care. When recommending treatment options, Dr. Yosra explains how and why each patient gains a comprehensive understanding to ensure his or her dental health needs. Dr. Yosra has clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment planning, preventative care as well as restorative dentistry, she has joined many programs in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. She actively participates in conferences and exhibitions worldwide.

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